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JPT N/212/3/0056 (MQA/FA14837) 08/21 – 08/26


The Bachelor of Education (Hons) Primary Years Programme is a three-year full time praxis-based degree programme offered by UCF with collaborative schools to equip primary years educators in international and private school contexts with comprehensive knowledge and skills of IB primary years pedagogy. The programme is structured with a guaranteed employability status.

JPT R/0113/6/0001 (MQA/FA8851) 08/23 – 08/28


The Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) offered by the Center for Post Graduate Studies, University College Fairview, is a Fully Accreditated Programme by the Malaysian Qualification Authority (MQA). Successful completion of this programme allows you to apply for a teaching job in Malaysian Public, Private and International schools. In addition, PGDE Graduates can continue towards a Master in Education award upon the successful completion of an additional course, EPRO7212 – Project.

JPT R/141/7/0064 (MQA/FA8510) 11/21 – 11/26

JPT R/141/7/0063  (MQA/FA8511) 11/21 – 11/26


Designed to meet the needs of practicing educators aiming to enhance their capacities within the industry. Focuses on praxis and the continuous development of the candidate as a professional within the educational sector. Prioritizes pragmatic and workable techniques over theoretical analysis.

JPT N/141/8/0003 (MQA/PA14025) 09/20 – 09/27

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