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Collaborative Schools

The UCF-Collaborative Schools programme provides opportunity for UCF undergraduates and graduates to conduct their practicum at IB World Schools in addition to doing practical research.

UCF students are trained to deliver the highest quality in teaching pedagogies and having them in your school will certainly challenge your academic staff to consistently keep up with the latest trends in education.

At this moment, we are proud to collaborate with the following schools in Malaysia.

  1. Fairview International School Kuala Lumpur, IB World School 
  2. Fairview International School Subang, IB World School 
  3. Fairview International School Penang, IB World School 
  4. Fairview International School Johor Bharu, IB World School
  5. Fairview International School Ipoh, IB Candidate School

If you wish to be our collaborative school, we invite you to write in to UCF.

Affiliated Schools

University College Fairview (UCF), established along with the Fairview network of IB World Schools throughout the Asia Pacific region has embarked on providing 21st Century Education training workshop for all interested public schools in Malaysia. The integrated curriculum training programme at UCF aims to holistically combine lectures and classroom practical training.

Affiliated schools are all public schools that wants to embrace 21st century education and leaning on the best practices of IB Worlds Schools, who are our collaborative partners.

Fairview International School is the first IB World School in Malaysia to offer the continuum of the IB programmes from age 3 to 19. The programmes namely, the Primary, Middle and Diploma programmes, are designed to steer away from traditional rote learning to fulfil the learning needs of children today in this 21st Century.

Thus, children master a range of skills, develop conceptual understanding, learn through inquiry and at the same time acquiring a set of learner profile attributes, creating the global citizens for tomorrow.

Fairview’s outstanding results year after year speak for the success of the programme. Fairview students have been admitted to world renowned universities on scholarship with some earning credit waivers for the courses they undertake.

In this digital age, children need the know–how to face the uncertain future, come to grips with the massive amount of information and learn how to cope with the speed of the numerous changes that happen by the second.

Fairview, since 2007 has embarked on this mission to educate the children to not just survive but have the skills to make a difference in the world – Education For A Better World.
Having matured and expanded to 5 campuses, Fairview has a significant number of teachers trained in various aspects of the IB programmes.

Our faculty at UCF consists of not just IB trained teachers but also certified workshop leaders, school visiting team members, conference presenters and curriculum reviewers.

Fairview is of the firm belief that public schools can be transformed to be 21st century learning centres, rich in content and backed by a string of skills, attitudes and values to ensure a wholesome educational journey.

The fear that the learning may be watered down or that the deep-rooted eastern traditions may be compromised is unfounded as respecting mother tongue language is one of the tenets of the programme.

Our agreement with affiliated schools highlights the following points.

  1. Given Fairview’s expertise in Professional Development, UCF offers teacher training workshops in four modules, consisting of:
    1. The Introduction to 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    2. The Written Curriculum (Content and Knowledge)
    3. The Taught Curriculum (Teaching Strategies)
    4. The Assessed Curriculum (Assessment and Rubrics)
    5. Each of the above modules will be conducted over 4 days for 6 hours each day.
  2. Parent Forums
    • Parent forums will be held to share with parents, the latest trends in education and how parents can support their children to manage their learning accordingly. Parents will do hands on practice sessions to be in a better position to understand and guide their children at home.
  3. Science and Math (SAM) Club
    • A co-curricular club designed for students to explore the concepts of Maths and Science in a fun but powerful way. The purpose of this club is as follows:
      1. Real life classroom facilitation and demonstration by Fairview lead educators
      2. First hand contact from Fairview teachers to understand the students’ level of responsiveness and engagement
      3. Ability to monitor and gauge the performance of the public teachers when they work with the same students over time

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