Campus Life

UCF believes that access to higher education is a key ingredient for promoting world change and global economic development.



UCF’s primary mission is to impart excellence and creativity to international school education, embrace inquiry, promote meaningful research and foster engagement with the international community with well planned policies and action.

Guaranteed Career

Students will be thoroughly immersed in real life work situations for every course has been structured to be hands on in nature and directly relevant to the teaching world. Upon graduation, students are assured of a career path at Fairview International Network of schools for those who excel.

Student Attributes

  1. An analytical questioner. Our students are encouraged to ask more of the ‘why’ type of questions.
  2. A rational thinker. Our Students will formulate the expectations based on sound and logical reasoning.
  3. A Talent Developer. Every individual has his/her own physical and psychological capabilities.
    A Global Mindset. UCF students will have the capability of globalizing their works in both their study and research.
  4. A Life Long learner. Our students embrace continuous professional education as a way of life.
  5. A strategic planner. Our students will be able to gather, analyze and organize information.
  6. A resilient individual. Our students will have developed skills to improve their ability to deal with life’s setbacks.

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