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UCF believes that access to higher education is a key ingredient for promoting world change and global economic development.

ABOUT UCF                     
ABOUT UCF                     

Welcome to University College Fairview

On the 18th July 2012, The Minister of Higher Education formally invited the Board of Directors of Fairview International School (FIS) to submit an application to establish a private higher education institution with university college status. This was based on Fairview’s experience and expertise in running the IB approach in teaching and learning in Malaysia. On 21st Aug 2013 Fairview formally received agreement from IBO for the IBEC award for the impending UCF’s programmes. On the 21st Oct 2015 UCF was formally established with MOE as University College Fairview (UCF). On 3rd Feb 2017 MOE formally registered the Subang Campus for University College Fairview.

As a start, UCF which is designed to be both a research and a teaching institution will be offering programmes from Foundation in Arts , undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Education. In the field of Education, UCF is a training institution which will work closely with renowned educational bodies such as the World International Baccalaureate Organisation and University Malaya. 

UCF is collaborating with University Malaya’s Institute of Educational Leadership, Malaysia’s oldest university, which will act as our Teaching & Learning Research Partner, allowing UCF to achieve its goal to help train teachers in accordance with International Teacher Regulatory Bodies. UCF prides itself as more than just another university college for it is established along with the Fairview network of IB world schools throughout the Asia Pacific region. The Fairview IB World Schools serve as the school of apprenticeship, wherein the student teachers will spend a substantial portion of their time in the classrooms under the guidance of their mentors, instructors and specialist teachers. The Integrated Curriculum training programme at UCF aims to holistically combine lectures and classroom practical training.

UCF is among the few ASEAN teacher-training institutions listed in the IB University Directory offering educational and leadership certificates. Upon completion of our Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), candidates can apply for the prestigious IB Teaching & Learning Certificate.

The Fairview International school network system also provides relevant areas for research especially for longitudinal studies on classroom pedagogy, curriculum development, best teaching practices, educational psychology, cross-cultural and inter-cultural studies, leadership co-curriculum and other educational-related research focus. Research results from these studies in authentic classrooms can benefit both local and international researchers and the education field.

UCF intends to share knowledge gained through research at seminars and conferences and through publications in local and international journals as part of the effort for world recognition.

With the expansion and the experience gained, UCF intends to help the nation to be recognised as a hub for excellent education and eventually help export the Malaysian brand of education abroad.

VC’s Foreword

Professor Datuk Dr. Sufean Hussin
Former Senior Special Grade Professor at Unveristy of Malaya and has served the University for more than 32 Years. Listed in 2018 as the Top 100 Educator in the World by the International Biography Centre, Cambridge, UK

University College Fairview was founded based on the philosophy of ‘praxis’ in teaching and learning, and in particular, focusing on developing a dynamic group of highly-trained IB teachers for the Asia Pacific region and the world.

As a start, the graduates of the Faculty of Education, University College Fairview, will be the pioneers of a distinguished IB teacher education programme. With an IB- based teacher training background, the graduates will have various opportunities as educators in any education institution, especially, in IB schools around the world. UCF is in the process of expanding its faculties to include the faculties of Humanities and Languages, Business and Commerce , Music and Performing Arts and others. Graduates of UCF programmes are advantaged in the following ways:

  • The degrees awarded are recognized world-wide.
  • The IB trained educators are exposed to teaching in IB environments (e.g. Fairview International IB schools).
  • There is a clear accessible pathway for future professional development from postgraduate to doctoral levels of education.
  • UCF graduates possess an extra edge in terms of high job prospects in IB international schools worldwide.

No matter where one pursues one’s career, the aim is to acquire the best virtues of IB education. With an education at UCF, educators are exposed to the exclusive academic praxis nationally and internationally as part of the preparation for developing internationally-minded students for the 21st century and beyond.

Developmental Milestones

The Minister of Higher Education formally invited the Board of Directors to submit an application to establish a private higher education institution with university college status

Application to IB as an IB Education Certificate award provider

The Director General of Ministry of Education (MOE) formally invited to submit application for establishment and provides documentation required and conditions to be complied. Trial run of Fairview Post Graduate Diploma in Education incorporating IB modules for APEL

IBEC verification team visit

Application for establishment and registration of Fairview University College premise submitted

Trial run of Master in Education ( M.Ed) with IB focus in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University

Trial run of Master in Education ( M.Ed) with IB focus in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University

Formal agreement for IBEC award with IB

UCF formally established with MOE as University College Fairview (UCF)

MOE approved University College Fairview Constitution

Meeting with new CEO of Malaysian Qualificatios Agency (MQA) on accreditation approval for Foundation, Bachelor in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Master in Education

MOE approved appointment of Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Mohd Salleh as Vice chancellor/President of University College Fairview

MQA approved a Provisional Accreditation (PA) Foundation in Arts Programme

MQA approved PA for Post Graduate Diploma In Education (international Baccalaureate) and Masters In Education(international Baccalaureate)

MOE approved and registered Foundation in Arts Programme

MOE approved change of premise of University College campus from Wangsa Maju to Subang

MOE approved and registered PGDE and M.ED programme

MOE formally registered Subang Campus for University College Fairview

Held inaugural convocation for PGDE students

MQA approved Full Accreditation for Postgraduate Diploma in Education (IB)

MQA approved Full Accreditation for Master in Education (IB)

MOE approved and registered Bachelor of Education (Honours) Primary Years Programme

MOHA (IMM AFF DIV) approved for Recruitment of International

MOE Compliance Audit (Act 555)

MOE approved additional premises of University College Campus at Wangsa Maju

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