University College Fairview Earns Competitive SETARA Rating 

Kuala Lumpur, 1 September 2023 – University College Fairview (UCF) is delighted to announce its recent recognition with the “Berdaya Saing” (Competitive) SETARA rating by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE).

SETARA, which stands for the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for University and University College Excellence, is a comprehensive assessment system that evaluates the quality of both private and public universities, as well as foreign branch campuses. This system rates institutions across four key criteria: general, teaching & learning, research, and service.

MOHE has classified higher education institutions (HEIs) receiving the Competitive rating as those capable of competing at a higher level. As a result of this Competitive rating, UCF is set to enjoy various benefits, including:

(a) Exemption from verification visits for certificate renewal applications and international student recruitment approval requests.

(b) Exemption from verification campus visits for requests to change, add, or modify premises.

(c) Permission to apply for a course fee rate increase.

(d) Eligibility for upgrade applications.

(e) Authorization to apply for the establishment of branch campuses.

MOHE mentioned that the rating system for the current year has transitioned from six rating scales to just two categories: “Berdaya Saing” (Competitive) and “Berdaya Maju” (Viable). Impressively, 90 out of 104 HEIs, which accounts for 86.54%, have achieved Competitive results, including UCF. Meanwhile, 14 HEIs (13.46%) secured Viable results for the Integrated Rating of Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (Equivalent) 2022.

The attainment of a favorable SETARA rating carries significant implications for UCF’s mission, particularly in enhancing our reputation and academic excellence. As the sole postgraduate university specializing in International Baccalaureate teaching qualifications, this recognition from MOHE will undoubtedly boost the confidence of our stakeholders, including faculty and staff, current students, as well as partners and prospective students.

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