Pianist Poom announcement to UCF

University College Fairview and Asia Art Academy are proud to announce the appointment of renowned Thai pianist Poom Prommachart as a distinguished member of our music faculty Poom Prommachart (ภูมิ พรหมชาติ) Pianist
Stay tuned for updates on:
Foundation in Music (will be launched in Aug 2021)
Individual lessons
Debut Recital in Malaysia in Aug 2021

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CyR5nhfAWI to watch Poom Prommachart’s interview as a Steinway Artist , where he talks about his journey on becoming a successful artist and using his talent and position to develop the piano circuit in Thailand. Poom also shares his \ appointment as Artistic Director of the Thailand Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020. Interview filmed at Steinway Gallery Bangkok Erawan featuring Steinway Model D-274 Concert Grand.

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