Pianist Poom announcement to UCF

University College Fairview and Asia Art Academy are proud to announce the appointment of renowned Thai pianist Poom Prommachart as a distinguished member of our music faculty Poom Prommachart (ภูมิ พรหมชาติ) Pianist
Stay tuned for updates on:
Foundation in Music (will be launched in Aug 2021)
Individual lessons
Debut Recital in Malaysia in Aug 2021

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CyR5nhfAWI to watch Poom Prommachart’s interview as a Steinway Artist , where he talks about his journey on becoming a successful artist and using his talent and position to develop the piano circuit in Thailand. Poom also shares his appointment as Artistic Director of the Thailand Steinway Youth Piano Competition 2020. Interview filmed at Steinway Gallery Bangkok Erawan featuring Steinway Model D-274 Concert Grand.

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