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VC’s Foreword

Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Salleh bin Mohamed Yasin

University College Fairview was founded based on the philosophy of ‘praxis’ in teaching and learning, and in particular, focusing on developing a dynamic group of highly-trained IB teachers for the Asia Pacific region and the world.

As a start, the graduates of the Faculty of Education, University College Fairview, will be the pioneers of a distinguished IB teacher education programme. With an IB- based teacher training background, the graduates will have various opportunities as educators in any education institution, especially, in IB schools around the world. UCF is in the process of expanding its faculties to include the faculties of Humanities and Languages, Business and Commerce , Music and Performing Arts and others. Graduates of UCF programmes are advantaged in the following ways:

  • The degrees awarded are recognized world-wide.
  • The IB trained educators are exposed to teaching in IB environments (e.g. Fairview International IB schools).
  • There is a clear accessible pathway for future professional development from postgraduate to doctoral levels of education.
  • UCF graduates possess an extra edge in terms of high job prospects in IB international schools worldwide.

No matter where one pursues one’s career, the aim is to acquire the best virtues of IB education. With an education at UCF, educators are exposed to the exclusive academic praxis nationally and internationally as part of the preparation for developing internationally-minded students for the 21st century and beyond.

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