21st Century Science and Math Club (SAM Club)

“Do you know that besides the conventional tuition, there is another interesting way for you to revise on your science and math subjects?”

In 21st Century Science and Math Club, students learn Science and Math in a more challenging, fun and interesting but engaging environment. Forget about memorising and answering revision questions. Students should be engaged in a variety in a variety of fun and exciting learning activities to enhance their learning skills.

Duration : 2 hr/ week (4 weeks/ month)
Medium of Instruction : English
Class Size : Maximum of 25 Students /class
RM200/ Four Lessons

For more details, please refer to Penolong Kanan Ko-kurikulum of your school or staff of Fairview International School. This programme is brought to you by Fairview International School, the first International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Malaysia to offer IB curriculum programme that advocates the 21st Century teaching and learning. Lead educators from Fairview International School will facilitate the lessons by applying the 21st Century Approaches to teaching and learning.

Developed by Kimmy Woo