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Governors Council

Governors Council

Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Syed Jalaludin bin Syed Salim


Education : Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa)

  • Appointed the Chairman of Bank Rakyat
  • Former Vice Chancellor of University Putra Malaysia (1994 – 2001)
  • Director of Malaysia Toray Science Foundation, Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering, Research Institute of Investment Analysts Malaysia
  • Trustee for the Malaysian Medical Association, De La Salle Institute Foundation, Capital Market Development Fund
  • Member of the Board of Trustee, Kuala Lumpur Lions Foundation
  • Advisor for the International Life Science Institute
  • Trustee of the Global Assessment Certificate Board
  • Former President of Association of South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL)
  • Chairman of South East Asian regional Centre for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)
  • Advisor to the Regional Research Institute of Agriculture in the Pacific Region, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Awarded Emeritus Professor, University College Science and Technology Malaysia in 2003
  • Member of the International Committee of the 4th International Symposium of Nutrition of Herbivores and Commonwealth Veterinary Association Execution Committee
  • Former Chairman of the Malaysian Vice-Chancellors Committee, Malaysian Examination Council, Academic Board Malaysian Institute of Accountants and Intensified Research in Priority Areas Panel for Agroindustry

Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr Mohd Sham bin Mohd Sani


Education: Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy

  • Former Vice Chancellor of University Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Elected fellow of the Malaysian Society of Applied Biology
  • First recipient of the Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies (AAAP), Distinguished Service Award
  • Awarded National Science Laureate by the Government of Malaysia
  • Awarded ASEAN Business Forum Award for Science Panglima Setia Mahkota (P.S.M.)
  • Appointed Emeritus Professor, University College Science and Technology Malaysia (KUSTEM)
  • Appointed Vice Chancellor to Universiti Putra Malaysia (1994-2001)
  • Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (1978-1983) in Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Deputy Dean, Faculty of Agriculture in University of Malaya
  • Current advisor to the International Life Science Institute
  • Current Trustee to Global Assessment Certificate Board, Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF), De La Salle Institute Foundation, Malaysian Medical Association
  • Current appointed director for Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MSTF) , Northern Malaysia University college of Engineering (KUKUM) and Research Institute of Investment analysts Malaysia (RIIAM)

Mr Daniel Chian

Member Education
Chairman, Governors Council Fairview Group Of IB World Schools

Education: MBA (Harvard University ), ACCA

  • Chairman of the Governors Council of Fairview Network of IB world schools
  • Former member of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of Asia and Pacific accountants (CAPA)
  • Former council member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA), a statutory board of Malaysia
  • Former representative on the “ Assessment of Professional Qualifications” Task force, formed by the United Nations and the World Bank to formulate a methodology on assessment on professional qualifications
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